Website Integration

Seamless integration with any website. All of your web forms from multiple sites will send leads to MyLeadConverter for better tracking.

Adwords Integration

Track which PPC Track which keywords are converting to customers.

Powerful Reports

Track ROI Over 20 reports let you track how your staff is performing and will point out inefficiencies.

Track 100% of Leads

Track phone and internet leads to reduce marketing expenses. ROI tracking lets you track pay per click, traditional marketing, email campaigns, TV, etc..

Track Staff Performance

Response time, conversion rates & follow up performance. Track response time, record calls, and track follow up patterns.

Iphone & Ipad Integration

Smart phone integration go on vacation and track the efficiency of your marketing and staff while you are gone!

“MyLeadConverter has been responsible for a 230% increase in conversion of our leads. We have grown while decreasing our marketing expenses. Their call tracking system is awesome.”

-Eric Santillana

“I can see daily activity reports to ensure my staff is calling leads daily. Productivity is way up thanks to”

-Lisa Jenkins

Lead Management Software - Convert Leads into Customers          

Lead management software and customer relationship software is only as good as the effort that you put into it. Fortunately, there is MyLeadConverter, a tool that proactively keeps your staff working at 100% efficiency. Once we hook up all of your online and offline lead sources (including Adwords) into our web based software, our workflow automates many of the functions that are required to convert leads into customers.

  • Integrates with your website - receive leads from your site or other sites directly into MyLeadConverter
  • Track staff's performance - calling leads fast is a major part of conversion. Receive a text message when leads are not called.
  • Reduce marketing expenses - Track ROI for all lead sources including pay per click and offline lead source
  • Automated marketing - market to your leads in English or Spanish without lifting a finger. Marketing stops when they call back.

Great for lawyers, home contractors, web designers, advertising agencies, furniture stores, fitness equipment companies, pest control companies and anyone else who cares about improving their lead conversion rates. If you are interested in lead management for doctors, visit our parent company,