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Make money selling MyLeadConverter to small to medium size businesses.

Earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month by simply offering our small business tool to your network of friends and contacts. Register now and start sending your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and via email.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Affiliate Program

  • What is MyLeadConverter and what types of businesses need this service?

    MyLeadConverter is a lead management tool that helps businesses track their ROI (return on investment) from advertising. It also helps them improve the efficiency of their sales staff and automated email marketing. Every business that cares about reducing expenses and increasing revenue needs a lead management tool. MLC is a perfect fit for service related industries (lawyers, home improvement, software companies, insurance, real estate, mortgage) but recently auto dealerships and businesses with showrooms have been using the tool very effectively.
  • When should I expect my first check?

    The first payment will go out to you after the first month and following payments will go out immediately after their payment is made.
  • How should I offer the tool?

    Once you become an affiliate, we will give you access to marketing material (videos, articles, banners, pre-created tweets, links to landing pages etc..) Each link will have your affiliate link so that we can track your leads.