Better than a CRM

MyLeadConverter is a sales and lead management software company for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that want to improve their lead tracking, marketing automation and staff performance. We help home contractors, law firms, financial companies, real estate agents and just about any other type of business track where their leads come from.

Powerful, yet simple, MyLeadConverter is better than a CRM:

  • CRM Functionality

    Bring customer data and analytics into sharp focus by capturing, tracking and managing all of your leads in one place. Transform leads into qualified marketing opportunities with easy-to-create email campaigns. Ensure you are maximizing every customer relationship by tracking your marketing ROI, staff performance and sales.

  • Track 100% of Your Marketing & Referrals

    MyLeadConverter is simple to integrate with just about any online or offline marketing channel, including your website, Google AdWords campaigns, yellow pages, social media, directory websites and more. Get accurate insights on which ad sources and marketing mediums are sending your business the most qualified leads. Powerful data reports show you exactly where you should be investing your future advertising efforts.

  • Call Tracking & Auto Dial

    Our advanced call tracking system makes it easy to assign unique call tracking phone numbers to every lead source. Each account comes with 10 tracking phone numbers that make it simple to track websites, print, radio and TV ads etc.. When a call comes in, it gets forwarded to your office and recorded for quality assurance. Users can also take advantage of our autodialer feature to record outbound calls. If you are not currently using a call-tracking service for your advertising sources, then you are missing out on a significant chunk of your conversion data. Tracking and recording calls is also an inexpensive means of helping your marketing and sales team optimize their phone performance while improving call outcomes.

  • Response Time Tracking

    Calling leads in under 10 minutes drastically increases the chance for conversion. That's why we put a stopwatch to each lead that comes in from a form inquiry.

  • Lead Distribution & Routing

    Each lead that your company receives is a valuable commodity, and should be treated as such. When time is of the essence, ensuring that the best leads get delivered to the right sales people is critical. Our customizable lead distribution and routing software offers 4 different ways to distribute leads to designated sales reps quickly and efficiently.

  • Email Marketing & Nurturing

    MyLeadConverter takes the pain and complexity out of email marketing with automated email campaigns. We offer professional and customizable templates that can be tailored specifically for your brand, or you can input your own personalized messages. This content is then set up as a series of time-released trigger emails to ensure messages get delivered to the right people at the right time. Sending highly relevant, personalized and actionable content to prospective customers at specific stages in the buying cycle has been shown to significantly increase lead conversion and customer retention.

  • Followup Automation & Reminders

    Our no-hassle, automated reminder system can trigger follow-up calls based on a number of customizable factors. Your sales staff can also set up reminders to call specific leads themselves. Consistent follow-up reminders ensure a seamless sales process and guarantee that leads will never fall through the cracks again.

  • Eliminate 80% of Data Entry

    Our system can turn calls into leads for you, thus eliminating the majority of data entry. Unlike CRMs that rely on human input, MyLeadConverter can automatically turn calls and form submissions into physical leads on its own. Significantly reduce the human error and negligence that inevitably accompanies manual data entry, and make sure that sensitive lead information gets recorded accurately and on time. Automatic lead capture ensures that you never lose another lead again.

  • PPC Tracking

    Track the effectiveness of your pay per click campaigns and keywords right from your dashboard. MyLeadConverter shows you what keyword search led to specific leads so that you can refine and improve campaigns to focus on what works. Our PPC tracking technology eliminates the need to log into multiple systems to compare data across channels. Tracking the performance and ROI of all of your campaigns in one place allows you to optimize your time and make sound advertising decisions based on clear-cut data.

  • SEO & Keyword Tracking

    Track over 80 major search engines and searched keywords. Pinpoint which keywords in organic search results are driving the most traffic to your website, and which are more likely to convert to a paying customer. This type of reporting is a must-have to succeed in organic search engine optimization.

  • Staff Performance

    MyLeadConverter's staff performance and monitoring feature allows you to run daily, weekly or monthly activity reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your employees. These summary reports provide business owners with a comprehensive overview of an individual's interactions with leads; including response times, phone etiquette, follow up habits and conversion rates. This data offers businesses and staff members valuable insights on where they can improve. The result is enhanced customer service, higher conversion rates and a boost in staff performance and motivation.

  • Appointment Setting & Reminders

    Easily schedule appointments, in-home estimates or consultations right from MyLeadConverter. Send confirmation emails or text message reminders about appointments directly to leads and customers. The service can also automatically send maps and directions to clients so that they can find your office with ease. Conversely, this helpful feature can also be used to ensure that your employees can easily find your clients and are on time for all meetings.

  • ROI & Lead Source Tracking

    MyLeadConverter can track virtually any lead source. Our software seamlessly integrates with websites, online forms, AdWords campaigns and any other online medium that your brand advertises through. For offline marketing sources like billboards, print, television and radio ads, we provide unique tracking phone numbers that can be assigned to each lead source. All calls are still directed to your current office phone number (no additional lines are set up). Tracking phone numbers allow us to give you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of exactly where all of your leads are coming from. MyLeadConverter also uses this data to generate reports that compare your marketing expenses to the revenue generated by each lead source, delivering highly accurate ROI calculations and summaries to your dashboard.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    MyLeadConverter's powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to run reports from anywhere on your mobile device, iPad or desktop. Robust ROI, sales and activity reports put detailed metrics and comprehensive campaign summaries at your disposal, allowing you to identify key performance indicators as well as areas that need improvement. MyLeadConverter efficiently delivers all of the essential information you need to evaluate your advertising initiatives, optimize your budget and develop a more effective marketing strategy.

  • Easy to Use Webmaster Wizard for Form Integration

    Integrate and track any page on your website. Track landing pages, contact us forms, etc.. Our webmaster wizard makes it easy to integrate seamlessly.